As a new mother, your days will be filled with caring for your newborn

As a new mother, your days will be filled with caring for your newborn. You will be busy in food, tantra, clothes, bathing etc. There is a demand that you should learn as much as possible about proper childcare. If you are a new mother or want to become a mother, then you need to know some tips to take care of your child. Here are some baby care tips that moms should know:

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an important activity that every mother should do. Breastfeeding Feed your baby its mother’s milk, as it contains colostrum, a substance necessary to build a very strong immune system. Breast milk will make her body better resistant and the baby will grow up as a healthy baby. During breastfeeding, make sure that you eat foods that do not cause problems in your body. During breastfeeding, a mother needs about 500 extra calories a day. Getting adequate nutrition is a good way to provide healthy milk to your baby. Try to avoid additives or colored foods during breastfeeding.

  1. Bottle Feeding

Make sure the bottles you feed are clean and sterile. Boil the bottle for 10 minutes to kill unwanted animals.

  1. Bed

Sleep time is when your child relaxes and experiences growth. Therefore, make sure that you are making the bed as comfortable as possible. Beds, sheets and blankets should be made of high quality materials. Remove unnecessary clothing around the bed and these will increase your child’s body temperature. Your child’s bed should also be safe. Do not buy beds or pillows that are too soft. If they are very soft, your baby may be wrapped or wrapped around them.

  1. Clothing

Take the right clothes because your child’s body is sensitive. In summer, your child should wear light cotton clothes. When you go for a walk with the child, make sure that you protect her head from direct or sun exposure. In winter you can choose warm clothes such as trousers and sweaters.

  1. Changing

You need to change your baby’s diaper regularly to avoid irritation. Course intervals vary depending on your child’s wet routine. In addition to regular changes, your baby’s diaper should be checked periodically to ensure that calls are of an unexpected nature.

  1. Bath

Provide a large bathtub that your child can easily enjoy. Dry your baby well after bathing and apply baby powder. Use soap intended for children as they will not be as harsh for their soft skin as adult soaps.

  1. Sleep status

Keep your baby in the correct position at bedtime. Some parents lay their babies on their stomachs while they are sleeping. In fact, children sleeping in this condition have a higher risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Pediatricians recommend keeping your children behind at bedtime. If your child changes position at night, turn it back on again. If you cannot regularly check the state of sleep at night, you can buy the sleeping position of the child.

. Watch your child grow

It is important to chart your child’s development to know the milestones set for your child. You can use a scrapbook to note the changes starting from your first smile to her first wave and first words. This record will help you identify any unwanted health issues beforehand.

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