Baby Acne - Why My Kids
Baby Acne - Why My Kids

Baby Acne – Why My Kids

Baby Acne – Why My Kids

Baby acne is a very common condition in newborns. It may begin when the baby is a few weeks old. Baby pimples are more common in young boys than girls. And acne is more severe in adolescents than adolescent boys. And later in puberty, women are more prone to acne than men. We have a lot to do with these hormonal changes that we all have in our bodies. But don’t worry. Your child’s acne usually clears within a few weeks.

While acne can look like red boils, it is actually tiny whiteheads that surround the red and inflamed skin. This acne presents itself in the baby’s cheeks, chin, back, and forehead

When caring for your child, be careful and:

Do not use petroleum oil or mineral oil. It can make the situation worse.

It is not good for the mother to take any medication while nursing.

If your child is given any medicines, you should check for any allergies.

Always use light soap or plain water when you shower your baby.

Clean your face with water once a day. And do not use any ointment or cream.

No acne drugs are used for you or your child.

You can wash your every 2-3 days with very mild soap or just plain water. Keep the neck area very clean especially.

Do not use any harsh detergent when washing clothes:

Beware of any formula containing soy milk. Soy milk contains high levels of hormone which is not good for the baby when drinking acne. It can exacerbate acne.

And if you leave in the winter, try a light moisturizer and / or any perfume lotion for you and your baby.

Baby acne is a temporary condition and your baby will have it within a few months. Now if your baby’s acne is not clear after 6 months, you should check with your pediatrician for advice and treatment.

The second thing is to be careful. If your child has rashes elsewhere in the body and is red, red, or curly, your child may have another condition called cradle cap or eczema. If you think your child has high number of baby pimples, consult your medical specialist. Don’t worry help is always available

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