Coronavirus is a deadly virus that has rocked the pillars of the world

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that has rocked the pillars of the world and remains very active at all times. It has already spread steadily in countries such as the United States of America, Spain, France, Italy and many more. Now it has begun to affect India, the country with the second largest population in the world. It was feared that if the effect of the Coronavirus is similar to that of other countries, then 20% of the total population of India will lose their lives. India’s total population is 1.3 billion, and 40% of the 1.3 billion is about 25 million, so to consider 55 million people killed by a virus is horrible. It could have destroyed the whole country.

Fortunately, the effect of the coronavirus has not been as fatal in India. As of today, only 96,000 people have been affected by the disease, and the number of deaths is 3,029. Another positive point to note is that the recovery rate in India is higher; Among the 96,000 people affected, 36,824 people have already recovered and been sent home.

Researchers have revealed that the type of virus that has affected India is comparatively weaker than the virus that has affected other countries. The type of coronavirus that has affected India is type B, which is a weaker and less deadly version compared to type A and C viruses. But researchers and medical experts have revealed that this type B virus has all the opportunities to mutate and transform into type A or C virus, which can definitely be devastating for the country. Another study has revealed that climatic conditions in India play an important role in restricting the spread of this deadly coronavirus. The coronavirus is known to need cold weather to survive for a longer period, but in important parts of India, the weather is hot and warm. Thus, it restricts the rapid growth of the deadly virus. It has been noted that after the closing statement in India, the reported cases increased every day.

India is currently going through the fourth round of confinement, yet the cases recorded every day are increasing. This is very worrying, and there was news that previously, the number of tests performed each day was very low. Therefore, the positive cases registered were lower. Now, in the last three weeks, the number of tests every day has increased, making the number of registered cases every day more. Therefore, we can say that more tests reveal more cases; Testing is the only way the country can understand its real position in this pandemic situation.

Between the blockades, for two or three days, liquor stores were opened, and a large number of people went to all these stores. This could be a reason for the increase in cases, since the virus can spread in many folds. This is a difficult situation for the country, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with this deadly virus. On May 17, just hours after the fourth round of confinement was declared, it was discovered that there was an increase of 5,567 cases in 24 hours, which is the highest increase recorded so far.

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