Eye Supplements - Beyond Vitamin A
Eye Supplements - Beyond Vitamin A

Eye Supplements – Beyond Vitamin A

Eye Supplements – Beyond Vitamin A

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Eyes are one of the things that many people are given, until illness or injury begins to affect them, your whole life can be severely affected. Of course, there are some things, such as accidents and injuries, that can affect your eyes and will require specialist treatment, and in some cases, nothing can be done about genetic issues such as eye problems. However, we can look after our optical health in many other ways, and there is one important thing that can help maintain it.

Eye health than others

Studies have shown that some foods contain antioxidants that are particularly beneficial to our eyes. However, not everyone manages to eat fresh produce to get these benefits. Often a busy lifestyle or other factors can affect your ability to eat a balanced diet Benefits.

The antioxidant vitamins Vitamin A

Some important supplements related to eye health are the antioxidant vitamins Vitamin A, C and Ere.
It is found in organisms such as liver, whole eggs and milk.

Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of cataracts, oracular degeneration or cataracts. Riboflavin are found in some supplements, including vitamin C, and the reason is that they help the body absorb. Vitamin E also helps reduce the risk of cataracts and oracular degeneration.

Risk factor for many diseases

Other supplements that contribute to eye health include beta-carotene, lute in, zinc oxide, selenium, and cup oxide. Lute in is not well-known as some other supplements, but it is the focus of eye health. It is available in Retina, Eye Lens and Macaulay. People who smoke should be careful so that they get enough lute in, as smoking can affect their ‘levels.
Smokers should also be aware that some studies have shown that some of the participants took beta-carotene supplements and that smoking was a risk factor for many diseases. Although these were only small studies, care should be taken.

Eye supplements are a convenient way to take in these nutrients and often contain herbal preparations such as bilberry.

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