The current health system

Everyone, at some point in their life, needs medical care. The American Healthcare System is a billion-dollar industry, and excludes those who cannot afford its services. The current health system is divided into two groups – healthcare for the insured and no healthcare or limited care for the insured. Under the current US health system, the type of treatment and personal care a person receives depends on the person’s insurance status. Isolation is still practiced on the land of equal opportunity.

It is a well-known fact that people who have health insurance receive better treatment and personalized treatment from healthcare providers than those who do not. Insured people are treated with respect and respect. Sadly, the incomplete are treated with indifference and contempt. Receiving healthcare for uninfected people can be a disheartening and frustrating experience.

When a person calls a doctor for an appointment, the first question for medical office workers is whether that person has health insurance. If a person does not have health insurance, the attitude of office workers changes dramatically. Many times harmful and aggressive financial questions are asked to the person. Cash payments are requested during the inspection before the trip is scheduled or before services are provided. Some medical offices refuse to provide medical services when there is no health insurance and the person fails to pay in advance. Reluctant people facing medical care cannot make full payment for medical services without the benefit of a monthly payment plan. It is assumed that they do not have any health problems because they are unhealthy.

In some hospitals and physicians’ offices, the type of therapy provided to insured patients varies greatly from the medical care provided to insured patients. During a personal interview with Carolyn Hagen, an Oregon resident, it was revealed how uninfected patients are treated. According to Hagan, he is unable to obtain the necessary medical care for his heart condition because he does not have health insurance. I’m without insurance, and I can’t afford health insurance. I shouldn’t bear the high cost of the medical tests I need. Of the doctors No one. Treat them as I am not profitable for them. All health insurance companies have contacted me to see if I can get insurance. The care I need is expensive, And it’s disappointing because no one is willing to help me. I don’t think anyone cares. “

Hagen is a productive American citizen who pays and pays taxes and is one of the working middle class who is accidentally victimized by the American health system. Due to the expulsion of the health insurance company, he is not insurable, and is unable to pay cash in advance for his care. What the current healthcare system in the US is stating is that despite being a hardworking American citizen, they have no problem because they cannot help the bottom of the healthcare industry grow.

Many physicians refuse to work with untrained people and do not allow them to pay for medical care in their monthly payment plans. This additional exclusion prevents thousands of Americans from receiving their health care. The American healthcare system has become so chaotic and expensive that American citizens are forced to seek healthcare outside the United States. Places like Argentina, Singapore, Manila, Bangalore and Costa Rica provide US citizens with the high quality, low cost health care that the US can provide to its people.

American Society Insurance Poor – People unable to obtain health insurance. Personal insurance policies are expensive to carry for most people and the medical services policies that are affordable to the middle and lower class are often inadequate. There are exceptions to US insurance companies that prevent many people from qualifying for health insurance, although having insurance can prevent further illness and allow maintenance of current illness, resulting in lower medical costs Can.

There are few trained medical professionals in the US and their tuition costs a lot. No one can expect them to live well in their profession; However, the transfer of medical care to countries outside the United States is a clear indication that the American healthcare system needs to be rebuilt and affordable for all.

There have been many attempts at health care reform in the US; This f over time

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