They keep using products they are familiar

These may at first glance seem like easy questions to answer.

  1. Are all skin care products safe in the market?
  2. Can you develop a skin condition using some skin care products?
    3; Can skin care products really do serious harm to your health?
  3. Even skin care products that are effective for your health and do not cause any harm to your skin?

Question number 1 is a lifting number! There are many skin care product lines that are widely sold in the market that are not safe. Many of these skin care products contain caustic chemicals, preservatives and many other additives that can not only cause a skin reaction, but can also cause serious conditions for your skin and your overall health.

Answer to question number two is yes. Many people develop skin conditions from the products they use and they do not know the source of the products. They keep using products they are familiar with and use makeup to cover problems. When a skin care product contains a variety of synthetic chemicals, the probability of adverse skin reactions varies greatly from person to person.

Answer to question number three is also yes. Prolonged use of chemical ingredients in skin care products can cause many types of long-term health problems. Such as cancer, autoimmune diseases. There are many types of diseases that are related to the absorption of toxic compounds through the skin. It is bad enough that we absorb all the toxic compounds. As soon as we are exposed to the environment, we live in a very toxic world nowadays. Then voluntarily incorporating more toxic chemicals into skin care products is an insult to injury for you.

Answer to question number four is yes. Of course there are skin care products available that are not only very effective, but also good for your health and your skin.
This is about the rest of this article, which is the positive message that you can take great care of your skin, see more, heal and prevent skin conditions and serious health problems That can begin with your skin.

The concept of organic skin care has received a lot of attention. What you apply on your skin is pure, chemical free and should not contain any synthetic ingredients. If you believe that it is better to preserve foods born with pesticides, herbs, and other chemicals, or to eat organic foods as opposed to processed foods with preservatives, additives and other unnatural food compounds, skin The same should be for care.

You should be aware and concerned about the food you are eating and it will affect your health, you should know what to apply on your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and a filter and protector for your body from all the toxins that you have come in contact with in the modern world. If you have healthy well-treated skin that has been fed lots of antioxidants and is also healthy internally with your strong immune system, you can fight off all the free radicals that invade your skin and possibly your Harm health.

If antioxidants are not the most important compounds, they rank among the top of all biological compounds needed in our body and our skin. We need to add these every day and keep the absorption of antioxidants consistently high. It is sad to say, but we live in a highly polluted world and much of this toxicity is due to deliberate involvement in the discovery of beneficial products. Companies approve their products without a long-term health study that must be done to assure consumers that the products are safe.

The only real obvious way to ensure that a particular skin care product has any harmful side effects is to only use organic products that contain zero synthetic additives, chemicals, or other ingredients that are not in the natural world. In the fairly natural world there are compounds that contain toxic and organic products that can affect different people in different ways, so read labels like a product or food and know what you are eating or what your skin feels Still working. If the company is a reputable company with a positive track record and their skin care products are all organic, then it won’t do you any harm. This is a good bet.

Michael Chad is a holistic nutritional health consultant and consultant. His years of studying the benefits of holistic food nutrition principals for holistic health and organic skin care led to his passion for helping people with health, experiencing the first benefits. Two websites have been recommended for biological skin care research

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